Beyond The Gym

Beyond the Gym

Published On: December 22, 2023

Heading to the gym isn’t your only option when it comes it staying in shape. Simple changes in your day-to-day life can have a big impact on your overall health, your weight, and your mental wellbeing.

Move Your Body

It’s easy to get preoccupied with counting sets and reps, tracking your steps, and worrying if you’re lifting enough weight; however, the key to staying in shape is consistent movement. Keep reading for some simple ways to add movement into your everyday routine, and add exercise beyond the gym!

Copy Of Beyond The Gym Fitness Tips To Incorporate Into Your Daily Life

Change How You Park

The temptation to try to park as close as possible to the door isn’t necessarily the best choice for your health (or your waistline!) Choosing parking spots that are a little farther away will force you to walk a few extra steps. Can’t fathom leaving your prime parking spot? Try taking the scenic route to your car, and adding a few laps around the lot before settling in for the drive. Something as simple as parking far away can help strengthen your heart and burn more calories.

Fidget More

Do you often play with the corners of your shirt, tap your toes, and move around in your chair? Recent research has found that fidgeting burns more calories than being still or motionless, and up to 154% more calories when fidgeting while walking. So take pride in swinging your arms, tapping your toes, and squirming in your chair.

Find an Excuse to Move

Adding movement into the mundane moments of your day may seem like a small change, but extra movement = more calories burned! Choose to print from the printer on the other end of the office, walk laps in the doctor’s office while waiting for your appointment, switch to a standing desk at work, the little swaps are endless!

Exercise and TV

There’s nothing wrong with unwinding after a long day by watching your favorite TV show(s), but imagine how many calories you could burn by adding movement and exercise into your TV routine! I’ve seen influences talking a lot about these portable treadmills that they walk on while watching TV, but adding movement into your day doesn’t mean you have to invest in another contraption. Do a couple crunches or squats when commercials come on, stand and march in place during a couple scenes, or set a timer to get up and stretch every 5 minutes. Binging a TV series? Make up an exercise game (do a squat every time the main character says their catchphrase, etc.).

Make Phone Calls Count

Resist the temptation to curl up on the couch while chatting with your girlfriends about the latest household gossip. Look at your ringtone as an alarm, telling you to get up and move around during your call. Moving for even 2 minutes can help counteract the negative effects of sitting all day.

Change How You Shop

How many hours do you spend grocery shopping and running errands? Optimize the hours spent shopping to help move your body! Using a shopping basket instead of a shopping cart forces you to use your arm and back muscles, walking the perimeter of the store or walking down each isle instead of heading straight to isle 4, and carrying your grocery bags out to your carĀ  are all simple swaps that will help burn calories.

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